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From the Manifesting Generator Child…

As a Manifesting Generator child, I have a unique way of moving through the world. I am full of energy and passion, and I love to explore and experiment with different things. Here are some things that I want my parents to know about me, so that they can support me in the best way possible:
1. I Need to Follow My Gut
As a Manifesting Generator child, I have a strong gut instinct that guides me in my decision-making. I need my parents to trust that I know what’s best for me, and to give me the freedom to follow my own path. When I feel like I’m being forced to do something that doesn’t feel right to me, I can get frustrated and resist.
2. I Need to Move My Body
I have a lot of energy, and I need to move my body in order to feel good. I love to run, jump, and play, and I need plenty of physical activity in order to stay balanced. My parents can support me by giving me opportunities to be active, and by encouraging me to try different sports and activities.
It might mean that school can be hard for me sometimes, because I want to learn, but I also really need to move my body a lot! Please help my teachers to understand this also – I’m not being disruptive, my brain and body just can’t stay still for long. This is my gift and super power – please don’t dim the light.
3. I Need Variety
I have a lot of interests and passions, and I get bored easily if I’m doing the same thing all the time. I need my parents to help me explore different activities and experiences, and to encourage me to try new things. When I’m engaged and excited, I am able to focus and accomplish a lot. 
This might also mean I want to finish or quit something before you want me to, or just after I have started getting into it. Please trust me, and help me to trust myself. It is these skills that I will need for my life’s journey and knowing it’s ok to change my mind will be so helpful for me.
4. I Need Clear Boundaries
While I love to be independent, I also need clear boundaries in order to feel safe and secure. My parents can support me by setting clear expectations and guidelines for my behaviour, and by following through with consequences when necessary. When I know what’s expected of me, I am able to relax and enjoy my freedom.
5. I Need to Follow My Passions
As a Manifesting Generator, I am most fulfilled when I am able to follow my passions and interests. I need my parents to support me in pursuing the things that light me up, even if they don’t understand them. When I am doing what I love, I am able to thrive and make a positive impact in the world.
Please remember that my passions might also change frequently. I know this might seem frustrating at times but this is how I bring new ideas to the world – by trying lots of different things (so maybe don’t buy all the equipment or pay up front for a whole term’s activities until I am sure I want to stick with it).
As a final note, please learn about and help me to work with my unique decision-making strategy, and inner authority. Encourage me to listen to my gut, honour my passions, and stay true to myself, even when it seems chaotic or flakey at times.
By working together, my parents and I can create a supportive and nurturing environment that allows me to thrive as a Manifesting Generator child.


A note from Claire: whilst I know this post is a little tongue-in-cheek, I wanted to put something out there from the perspective of an MG child, because I feel that this might help parents to gain a new perspective on parenting their own little MG child and to give them some insights that can help them. Having worked with parents (as MGs) and also parents of MGs these are some of the common scenarios and challenges faced. I hope you found it useful too. Please share with any MGs in your community.

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