How Conditioning Happens With Our Kids [by Human Design Type]

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How conditioning happens with our kids and how Human Design can help

Conditioning affects all of us, no matter our upbringing, privileges, culture or family influences.

We are all conditioned; by our parents, our peers, our education, the media.

The strongest influencers are usually our parents, or primary caregivers / guardians because they are the ones we spend most of our formative years with (many of the subconscious beliefs we hold as adults come from experiences in our first 7 years, whether we can consciously remember them or not).

I don’t believe there is any way to fully escape conditioning either, and it’s not always a negative thing – for example we might have been conditioned to always help other people, which of course is a wonderful trait to take on!
It’s when the conditioning from our early years starts to play out in not so positive ways that we start to encounter issues. And in Human Design we can learn about some of the more common conditioning we might have faced as kids because of our innate energetic design.

The really great news though is that once you start to learn about your own conditioning, you also become aware of how conditioning happens with our kids – and you can STOP. Or at the very least improve it (because who is perfect anyway, right?)

Here are some of the most common ways kids might be conditioned by their Human Design type. Remember, there is no shame or judgement from me here, it’s purely about becoming aware and then aiming for better next time.


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