How Human Design Can Help Parents Communicate Better

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Most of us would say we want to enjoy great communication with our family members, especially our kiddos – at whatever age.

Having good communication (verbal and non verbal) helps everyone to feel understood, safe, happy.
One of my favourite things to look for in children’s human design charts is any clue about their communication – especially how they like to be communicated with.
For example, my 6 year old projector loves being invited and included to share her opinions, ideas and solutions to things. And her profile includes the 5th line, which can often be associated with guiding, leading and influencing others. She has emotional authority (which sometimes comes in waves when making decisions) so explaining things to her means we also encourage her to explore her emotions when communicating and making decisions.
In contrast, my 3 year old reflector – with no defined energy centres – will often go along with what others want because she hasn’t yet decided for herself – so we try to explain to her that she can take her time and explore what feels right for her. Big sister (with lots of defined centres) will often take over the conversation or decision making and we try to be mindful that everyone gets a say in things! With a 1/3 profile (like her mama!) my mini reflector will also want to assess options and explore and so will ask more enquiring ‘why’ questions before she comes to a conclusion about something. She’s a little detective

There are so many seemingly small intricacies of our unique design that really make up who we are and knowing these elements (and continuously learning and exploring them is such an awesome journey to have with your kids.

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