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As two generator parents to a reflector (the rarest of Human Design types, just 1-2% of the population), we are constantly learning how to best honour and support her – as we are with both our kiddos (our eldest daughter is a projector).

Here’s what we have discovered so far and what we are doing with our new found insights:

1. Environment

A reflector’s environment is very important to them and they will quickly become out of sorts in places or with people they do not feel comfortable with. She will often let us know when she’s ready for home or had enough of the place we are in (much sooner than her older projector sister usually!)

2. Eating

She often won’t eat in new or busy places or with unfamiliar people. She will snack and then have a bigger meal later, when it’s just the four of us. We trust her to let us know when she wants to eat.

3. Big emotions

Of course, this can be the case for most children at some point. But Miss 3 will often have outbursts of emotions / screaming / stamping feet etc. seemingly out of nowhere. As a reflector she easily takes on the energy and emotions of others and while she is still young she cannot yet process how to seperate herself from other people’s feelings and emotions. We give them space if that’s what she wants, or we offer hugs, and it’s 50/50 which one she goes for!

4. Needs downtime

Because she easily takes on the energy of others, she very often needs downtime, and alone time. This doesn’t (yet) mean completely alone, but it can often be playing something that really consumes her focus and we can see her relaxing and processing everything as she decompresses. We try not to schedule too many things for the same day as we find this is when those big emotions really spike.

5. No rushing

If she doesn’t want to go somewhere she won’t! I don’t know much of this is a reflector thing and how much is just a 3 year old thing, but she definitely stands her ground and we have to add plenty of buffer time if we are going somewhere for a specific time.

This is still very much a work in progress and we are learning every day!


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