Letters to My Daughter: You Won’t Remember but I Always Will…

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Letters to my daughter

I’ve written letters to both my children since before they were even born. In this letters to my daughter series I share snippets of some of those early moments…

You won’t remember but I always will…

The quiet, time-stop-still moments when you slipped into peaceful sleep in my arms…

The 45 stars on your bedroom rug. I used to count them while holding and singing you to sleep. Those stars helped to keep me focussed when I was so desperate for sleep.

Your tiny hands grabbing mine in the middle of the night.

The way our eyes lock when I walk into a room and our hearts say ‘hello!’

When you were hot with fever and the only place you wanted to be was curled in a ball on my lap.

When you fell off your bike and that elbow graze stung like crazy.

Your first smile, your first giggle, your first step.

How soft your hair felt when I put fancy clips in for the first time.

The delight in your eyes at the beauty all around us.

Baby girl, 6 years ago I had no idea what journey was about to unfold. I thought you’d picked the wrong person to bring you into the world. I didn’t think I’d passed the interview, or even be good enough to apply for this gig!

But that didn’t put you off – you took a chance on me as your mama and I promise that everyday I will try to show that you made the right decision.

You inspire me. You motivate me to be a better person, while accepting me for who I am right now. You challenge me to reach further, reach higher.

I’m so pleased we are doing this lifetime together.

From my heart to yours – always and forever…

Do you write letters to your kids?


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