Obsessed With Finding Your Purpose?

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Are you obsessed with finding out your purpose? You’re definitely not alone!

In fact, over 40% of us have an undefined identity centre (also known as the G centre), which means a lot of people are wondering what the heck they’re meant to do in life! This doesn’t mean that if you have a defined identity that you’re always on the right path either, but those of us with an undefined identity centre are way more likely to be asking questions like ‘why am I here?’, ‘where am I going in life?’ and ‘when will I realise my purpose on this earth?’

Feeling like you have it all figured out…

Welcome to the identity centre where your purpose, love, and sense of direction in life reside..

If you’re consistent/aligned with the energy of the identity/G centre you’re likely someone who:

  • Is happy and stable with who you are; you don’t easily fall for the whims of others and cannot be easily swayed if something doesn’t feel right to you
  • Is content in the now – you’re happy living life, not overly concerned about the future or pondering the past
  • Does not overly worry about future direction and purpose because you know that you have all the love you need inside of you to get you through any wobbles
  • Is usually happy to go with the flow of life (but not to the point of being a ‘doormat’)

If you are not living in alignment in your identity/G centre centre, you’re likely someone who:

  • Makes it your mission to figure out your purpose and destiny (and likely buys into or falls for false promises of others or the marketing of products, ideas and services that might give you the answer)
  • Tends to label yourself to ‘belong’
  • Mimics others’ identity to fit in
  • Finds it hard to enjoy the present; you’re always looking for the next pursuit to find yourself

I have an undefined identity centre and I can absolutely say with honesty that I’ve most definitely been living out of alignment for most of my life in my identity centre. I never felt I ever fitted in or knew what to do with my life; I was always seeking external validation for things – exam results, jobs, friends etc. instead of building up my own version of love and identity, I felt I needed to have someone or something outside of me do this.

Looking at my 6 year old projector daughter who has a defined identity centre and I’m able to witness her live fully in alignment here (I must say, I am a little jealous at her confident sense of self!). She doesn’t overly worry what others think of her, and she has an amazingly strong and determined sense of direction. My job is merely to nurture that innate design and guide her as she overcomes obstacles and setbacks (although it might actually be her guiding me about my own sense of purpose!)

How to cultivate your own sense of purpose (and help your child do the same)

If you’re wondering how to develop a more aligned way of your own sense of purpose and identity here are some ideas I help clients with (and their kids too, if they are undefined here):

  • Journal on ways you have fallen into the shadow of this centre – what were the patterns or triggers? How would you like to do things differently next time?
  • Accept where you are right now – find as many ways and reasons to celebrate the here and now, while also forgiving yourself for the past
  • Practise mindfulness exercises to help keep you in the present moment – gratitude, meditation, nature walk, EFT (tapping), yoga etc. Bringing your awareness back into your body takes the pressure of your thinking mind.

How parenting using Human Design really helps…

Parenting by honouring your (and your kids’) Human Design is a way to have a completely unique and personalised understanding of ourselves as well as our children. I believe Human Design parenting is what our generation of parents really needs right now (as we navigate our own conditioning as well as aim to raise conscious, connected young people).

Ready to add Human Design to your parenting toolkit?

Start with a Printable Human Design wall chart (for you or your child) and start to learn more about this incredible tool for your life, and parenting journey. See the full range of custom digital HD wall charts, ebooks and bundles here.

Keen to dive deeper?

I work 1:1 with parents to understand their own Human Design as well as their child’s. I offer individual, parent/child and full family sessions. Learn more here.


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