What is a Human Design reading?

Human Design Parenting

What is a Human Design reading?

I answer this question here because so many people ask what happens during a Human Design reading. I’ve had a few readings myself and I’ve delivered many more for my clients, but here I answer specifically how I approach Human Design readings for my clients.

Why get a Human Design reading (especially if you’re a parent)?

Learning about your, and your child’s Human Design and how to use your chart enables your parenting relationship to evolve to a whole new level of deep understanding and love.

You will learn things about you both that can positively impact your parenting (and life). Things such as:

  • How you can make decisions that feel right (and why you might regret choices you’ve made)
  • How to appreciate your strengths and acknowledge your unique traits and characteristics
  • How to recognise key emotional responses in your body and what they are telling you
  • Why certain negative emotions crop up for you and what they’re an indicator of
  • Your life path and how to move more consciously through life

What will we cover in a Human Design reading?

In our 90 minutes together, we will uncover the two main tools we can learn from your Human Design chart: Strategy and Authority.

Knowing your Strategy (and your child’s) will help you to work with your natural life force energy, your preferences for interacting with others, resting / replenishing and engaging with the world.

Your Authority helps you to make decisions in your life in complete energetic alignment. This helps you (and your child) to make confident decisions, trust your innate wisdom and foster your sense of intuition.

Knowing these two things alone can create powerful and positive shifts for you, and your journey through parenting.

But we go even deeper…

A Human Design chart is incredibly revealing and my goal in these sessions is to hold space for you, as you are faced with the real ‘you’ – the unique and incredible person you were designed to be. You may have forgotten your innate beauty, skills, abilities, and desires but I will gently and lovingly guide you to rediscover that beautiful soul that was there all along.

Parent and child Human Design readings

The advantage of having a reading that includes your child’s chart is that you can also learn how to better honour their life force energy – which will differ from yours. Understanding your child’s unique design means your relationship can grow into one of mutual respect, love and communication.

It truly is a lifelong gift in your parenting journey and I am honoured to walk with my clients along the path.

What happens after a Human Design reading?

I now rarely offer standalone Human Design readings because I believe that the true benefit comes in the integration – and this cannot happen in a 90 minute session. It takes time, it takes support and it takes accountability.

I offer clients an initial Human Design reading (or multiple sessions for families) and then we meet again – at least twice, depending on your preference – to revisit areas we spoke about, discuss how things have changed and what else needs your attention and, most importantly, to celebrate and acknowledge the journey you are on to shift generational patterns and create a connected, loving and trusting relationship with your children (and yourself). Even the best Human Design readers out there could not achieve all that in 90 minutes!

Want to learn more about my Human Design reading and coaching packages?

All information and booking details can be found here.


How to get started with Human Design parenting…

Through my 1:1 coaching sessions conditioning (both for the parent and the child) forms a huge piece of the Human Design parenting puzzle. We aren’t aiming for perfection, but wow when you catch yourself becoming aware of some of your own conditioning, the transformation and connection you experience is often mind blowing!

If parenting by design is something that you’re curious about, and wondering how it might help to support you and your family, I invite you to book a Human Design chart reading with me to start your journey.



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