Human Design family readings are for parents who:


Are keen to ditch outdated and mainstream ways of parenting, but have no alternative methods.

Prefer personalised approaches to raising happy, resilient and confident kids.

Want to break the cycles you learnt from your own family of origin (without playing the blame game).

Are ready and willing to do the work for yourself too.


human design parenting

Imagine if…

You could approach those everyday parenting challenges with the insights and confidence that create connection (not tension) with your kids.

You could honour your child’s individual needs and desires – without sacrificing your own.

You developed a strong self-trust muscle by uncovering your unique contribution and purpose in the world.

AND you could use that same trust muscle to confidently parent in a way that you know is right for you.

You could have a huge permission slip to be the person and the parent you want to be – not the one society, family, school or anyone else told you to be.

You could parent your children in a way that helps them to feel seen, heard and loved for the amazing soul they are – this is expectation-free parenting and it’s amazing to ditch the ‘shoulds’ (believe me!)

You had a toolkit of practical approaches to honour the unique person you are, as well as be an example for your kids.



All of this – and SO much more – is possible.

And it all starts with understanding your own – and your children’s – energetic blueprint (aka Human Design)


Parenting through the Lens of Human Design

Let’s get started…


Human Design Reading (One Person)

One parent’s Human Design blueprint, digital resources plus follow up support.

human design parenting

Parent + Child Connection Reading

One parent and one child Human Design reading, digital resources plus follow up support.

claire kidd human design parenting coach

Human Design Reading Family Bundle

Your whole family’s Human Design blueprint, digital resources plus follow up support.

Parenting through the lens of Human Design is for you if:

  • You want to understand your children on an entirely new level
  • You want to start parenting according to your child’s design and have no idea where to begin
  • You’ve consumed all the free reading materials and resources but want to know more (and you have a lot of questions)
  • You have a basic understanding of Human Design but want to learn how to actually apply all the information
  • You want to parent in a way that feels right for you and your family; not in a mainstream, one-size-fits-all way
  • You recognise you have your own challenges to overcome and are ready to do what’s needed to be the best parent you can possibly be

Download your free Human Design parenting mini guide

If you’re curious about Human Design and how it can impact your parenting in a positive way, grab your free copy of my mini guide to get started.

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