Parenting REcoded – A 90 Day Human Design Coaching Journey for Conscious Parents



Are you ready to transform your parenting through Human Design?


Join me for a transformative approach to parenting tailored uniquely to your child(ren) and you. 

Are you a conscious, mindful, and gentle parent who wants to incorporate Human Design into your parenting but have no idea where to begin? 

Maybe you’ve heard about Human Design on Instagram and are curious to know if it can actually help you. 

Or, maybe you’ve had a Human Design reading and found it helpful on a surface level, but now you’re ready to really start implementing the changes you want to see – for yourself and your family.

I created Parenting REcoded to support you on your own transformation, as well as your parenting journey (because, in case you didn’t already realise, parenting IS likely the biggest transformation you’re ever going to experience!)

parenting decoded - human design parenting

What Parenting REcoded offers:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your own and your child’s unique needs.
  • Learn how to meet your child’s needs with love, empathy, and understanding.
  • Develop a customised Human Design parenting framework, unique to your child’s personality and strengths (and your own).

My completely customised Human Design parenting framework is a one-of-a-kind approach to parenting (because you created one-of-a-kind humans!). I help you to uncover your child’s innately beautiful traits, personality strengths, and preferences so you can parent them as the beautiful soul they are. No more generic parenting approaches that don’t work! 

What can you expect from working with me?

As a trained Human Design guide and certified life coach, I will help you uncover your child’s innate traits, strengths, and preferences.

Together, we will turn these insights into practical, actionable tools that you can implement right away. And the best part? It doesn’t have to take years to see results.

In just 90 days, we’ll achieve real outcomes, including:

  • Identifying the red flag emotions that each of you display when feeling misaligned (and how to navigate them)
  • Understanding how each family member makes decisions and supporting your children in doing so from a young age.
  • Navigating differences within the family dynamic based on everyone’s unique energy.
  • Having the courage and trust in yourself to do things differently, just because it ‘feels’ right – and paving the way for your children to learn this vital life skill from you
  • Recognising and changing generational patterns of toxic, negative behaviours (e.g. negative self-talk, criticism, self sabotage, lacking identity, purposelessness etc.) 
  • Improving communication within your family based on your Human Design, and helping your children better understand their own preferences for receiving and relaying information.
  • Specific ways to decondition (get rid of unwanted behaviours) based on your own chart as a parent and what to look out for with your children (i.e. how they might experience conditioning based on their type and centres)
  • Recognising the specific ways in which you and your children absorb information (game changer for school aged kids!)
parenting decoded - human design parenting

Join the next round of Parenting REcoded...

Join the next round (limited places)


With Parenting REcoded, you’ll learn how to set aside your own judgements, expectations, and disappointment in parenting. You’ll discover how your own conditioning affects your parenting journey, and how you can recognise and release what no longer serves you. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to have confident and connected relationships with your children when you learn how to have this with yourself first.

Parenting REcoded is NOT a parenting course. It’s a transformative experience that will help you become the parent you’ve always wanted to be. You’ll develop a deeper understanding of your child’s unique needs, and you’ll learn how to meet those needs with love, empathy, and understanding.

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AUD $700 pay in full | or AUD$250 x3 monthly payments

Limited to 6 participants at a time

Please note that Parenting REcoded does not include a separate Human Design reading. Instead, each of the 6 group coaching sessions will utilise your Human Design chart (and your child’s) as a backdrop for our work together. This approach allows us to focus on embodying the lessons your chart provides, resulting in a more impactful and transformative experience.

If you’re looking for a Human Design reading only, please click here.


Join the next round of Parenting REcoded...

Join the next round (limited places)




Q: Will I get a Human Design reading from you as part of this offer?

Parenting REcoded does NOT include a seperate Human Design reading, but each of the 6 coaching sessions will use your Human Design chart (and your child’s) as a backdrop to our work together. So, each session is like a Human Design reading in itself but we focus on actually embodying the lessons your chart can give you, rather than simply show you your chart (which has limited impact). If you’re looking for a Human Design reading only, please click here.

Q: What is Human Design and how does it relate to parenting?
A: Human Design is a system that combines astrology, the I Ching, the Kabbalah, and the chakra system to provide a unique blueprint of your personality and energy. This can be applied to parenting by helping you understand your child’s unique design and how to support them in a way that aligns with their innate strengths and preferences. Check out my blog for free articles going deeper into this topic.

Q: Can Human Design really help me in my parenting?
A: YES I believe that anyone taking the time and effort to work on being a more understanding and connected parent needs applauding – this is not always easy work and most people won’t bother. So, while Human Design is not a magic solution to all parenting problems, it can provide valuable insights and tools to help you parent in a way that is more aligned with your child’s needs and personality. By understanding your child’s specific design, you can better navigate family dynamics, identify red flag emotions, and support your child in making decisions that are right for them. By my personal definition, this makes anyone a better human!

Q: How long does the Parenting REcoded coaching experience take?
A: The Parenting REcoded coaching experience is 90 days long, and you will receive customised bi-weekly coaching to help you implement the insights and tools you gain from your Human Design charts.

Q: Do I need to have a previous understanding of Human Design to benefit from Parenting REcoded?
A: No, leave that to me. You do not need to have any prior knowledge of Human Design to benefit from Parenting REcoded. The customised coaching sessions will guide you through the process and help you understand your child’s design and how to apply it to your parenting. If you do have prior knowledge, had a reading, or done any self exploration of Human Design that’s also great, but not necessary for this kind of program.

Q: Is Parenting REcoded just another generic parenting course?
A: No, Parenting REcoded is not a generic parenting course. It’s not a parenting course at all. Sure, it will help you to develop a deeper understanding of your child’s unique needs and personality, and how to meet those needs with empathy, love, and understanding – but I am not a parent coach so we won’t be covering child developmental or behaviour topics. Parenting REcoded is a transformative coaching experience to help you as the parent have a better understanding of your own design, as well as your child’s.

Q: Will I learn how to deal with my child’s tantrums and meltdowns?
A: I’d love to say yes, but the reality is I can’t always manage my own emotions, or those of my children’s so I would never promise to support another parent in this way. I am not a parent or behaviour coach. But, what I can share from personal experience, is that by implementing some of the strategies I will be sharing in Parenting REcoded, is that I have a better way of helping my children when their emotions get too big to handle on their own. And both of my children handle things very differently, which I appreciate even more now I have their Human Design charts to refer to.
(As a side note if you are struggling with specific behaviours, I highly recommend Peace the Parenting podcast as well as the Hand in Hand parenting resources. I am not affiliated with them but I have benefits from their tools and learnings).

Q: Should I seek mental health support before attending life coaching like Parenting REcoded?
A: I am not a mental health professional, psychologist, counsellor or therapist. Please seek specific medical / mental health support in your area based on your needs. Many of my clients have worked with me alongside seeking other professional support, and this can be beneficial, but my work does not and should never replace professional mental health support.

Q: Do you offer any pre coaching call if I have questions or want to know a little more before committing?
A: Absolutely! I get that this can be a big decision, and financial investment, so I only want to work with clients who really feel it’s a good fit for you and your family right now. We can jump on a quick call and meet each other (no obligation whatsoever). Book a time here.

Q: Is this program suitable for parents with children of all ages?

A: Yes, Parenting REcoded is designed to support parents with children of all ages, from infants to teenagers. The principles and tools can be applied at any stage of your parenting journey.

Q: How often are the coaching sessions conducted?

A: The coaching sessions are conducted bi-weekly, providing you with consistent support and guidance throughout the 90-day program. I will also provide Voxer support in between sessions for questions (AU business hours, Monday-Friday).

Q: Will I have access to resources or materials between coaching sessions?

A: Yes, you will have access to supplemental resources and materials that will further enhance your understanding of Human Design and support your journey as a parent. These resources may include worksheets, recommended readings, or exercises to practice between sessions.

Q: Can I participate in this program if I’m not familiar with astrology or the Human Design system?

A: Absolutely! You don’t need any prior knowledge or understanding of astrology or Human Design to benefit from Parenting REcoded. The program is designed to guide you through the concepts of Human Design and show you how to apply them practically in your parenting.

Q: What if I have more than one child? Will the program address their individual needs?

A: Yes, the program takes into consideration the individual needs of each child. We will explore the unique design of each of your children and provide guidance on how to parent them according to their specific traits, strengths, and preferences.

Q: Can I participate in this program if I don’t have children yet but plan to in the future?

A: Yes, if you’re planning to have children in the future, this program can still be beneficial. It will help you develop a deeper understanding of yourself and your own design, which can lay a strong foundation for your future parenting journey.

Q: Is there any ongoing support after the 90-day coaching program ends?

A: While the 90-day program provides intensive support and guidance, there may be opportunities for continued support after the program concludes. This could include follow-up sessions or access to a community of like-minded parents through my Facebook community.

Q: Is there a refund policy if I decide the program is not a good fit for me?

A: I strive to ensure your satisfaction with the program, and we’re happy to discuss any concerns or issues you may have. If you’re not sure or have any questions before diving in, please schedule a free 30 minute no-obligation chat with me here. I fully appreciate the time and cost investment is significant and would never convince anyone if it’s not a right fit or the right time.

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