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Digital Wall Charts for Kids


Love Human Design but need a visual reminder of the most important parts?


Download, print and display your kids’ very own Human Design chart on their bedroom wall, fridge or notice board.

Each digital chart (delivered as a PDF for you to download and print) is custom created by me – Claire – a trained Human Design guide and life coach for parents.

Your custom chart (delivered as a PDF in A4 size) is delivered via email for you to download and print. 

A beautiful and personal reminder of the uniqueness and beauty of your child. Displaying this in their room also helps them to better understand themselves as they grow and helps them to cultivate courage and confidence in themselves.


All charts display your child’s unique Human Design energetic blueprint, including:

  • Defined / undefined energy centres
  • Role in this lifetime
  • Planetary activations
  • Personalised decision-making strategy
  • Preferences for how they exchange energy and interact with others
  • Strongest sense and preferred environment

With each purchase you will receive:

  1. A customised A4 size digital document to print and frame at home.
  2. Planet and node energy reference guide (PDF).
  3. The 64 Gates reference guide (PDF).
  4. A digital visual image to show how each energy centre works (PDF).
  5. Parenting by Human Design ebook, written by Claire Kidd (PDF).

Don’t see the colour you like? I create made-to-order charts and offer a huge range over on my Etsy store. Visit here or email me

Download your free Human Design parenting mini guide

If you’re curious about Human Design and how it can impact your parenting in a positive way, grab your free copy of my mini guide to get started.

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