A Look at Reflectors in Human Design: Understanding the Unique Nature of The Reflector Energy Type

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Human design is a system that helps individuals understand their unique nature, strengths, and weaknesses. Reflectors are one of the four main energy types in human design, and they make up only about 1% of the population. My youngest daughter is a reflector and it was when I found this out about her human design that things really changed for us as a family and we started to understand each other on a whole different level.

In this post, we will take a closer look at Reflectors and explore their unique characteristics and needs.


Why are reflectors unique?


Reflectors are unique in that they have no defined strategy or authority, unlike the other three types in human design. This means that they don’t have a natural way of making decisions and need to take time to reflect and process information before taking action.

Reflectors are sensitive (or so they are told!)

Reflectors are generally described as being sensitive to their environment and the energy of others because they have all of their energy centres open. They can easily pick up on the emotions and thoughts of those around them, which can make them feel overwhelmed at times. The way I help my mini reflector is to talk to her about whether a feeling is ‘hers’ or someone else’s. In this way, she will learn to not hold on to drama, emotions, feelings that do not belong to her.

Reflectors are cautious

Reflectors are cautious and tend to take their time when making decisions. They need to wait for a sign or a reflection before taking action, which can make them appear indecisive to others. But, the important thing to remember is that this is not a bad thing! Society has taught us (especially reflectors) that taking time to make decisions is a bad thing. But when we allow others to make decisions in their own time, they are often much better decisions that feel right.

Reflectors are observers

Reflectors are natural observers, they tend to watch and learn from the experiences of others before taking action. They have a deep understanding of human nature and can be excellent counselors and mediators.

Reflectors need time to recharge

Reflectors need time to recharge, and it’s essential for them to have alone time to process and reflect. They can become easily exhausted if they’re not given the space they need. This is especially true for reflector children and they need plenty of time to wind down, and calm down before their body and mind can truly switch off at night.

Reflectors need to trust their inner guidance

Reflectors need to trust their inner guidance and not rely on external validation. Logic and facts might not come into play for reflectors when they are following their inner knowing, intuition, gut instinct or however else their inner guidance feels for them. If a reflector is taught to ignore this inner guidance over their lifetime, they might feel lost and have no feeling about who they actually are. It’s important to encourage reflector children to trust themselves and their inner knowing so that this trust muscle builds over their lifetime.
Reflectors are unique individuals who make up only about 1% of the population. They have no defined strategy or authority and are sensitive to their environment and the energy of others. Reflectors are cautious, take their time when making decisions, are natural observers, need time to recharge, and need to trust their inner guidance. By understanding the unique nature of Reflectors, we can support them in living true to themselves.
It’s also important to note that as a generator type, my insights come purely from observing my reflector child for the past 3 years and in my work with reflectors in my Human Design coaching sessions and readings. I never assume to know exactly how a reflector can feel or operate as only they can truly know this.
Are you a reflector? Do you have a reflector in your life?

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