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Human Design Parenting Tips – The Heart Centre

A person with a defined heart centre (also known as the ego or will power centre) shows the world what it looks like to feel completely and unapologetically worthy. They stay in their own lane and know there is no need to compare themselves to others because they are perfectly unique and ‘enough’ just as they are (all when living in alignment of course!)

The heart centre is also one of 4 motor centres in the Human Design system (the others are the root, sacral and solar plexus that we will deep dive into in future emails). A motor centre provides us energy to manifest and take action towards our dreams in a specific way – so it’s important to look at your chart and see which of your motor centres you have defined, if any.

And, as always remember, that just because something is defined does not mean that you are necessarily living in full alignment. Through conditioning and life experience, it’s possible that you have veered off into the shadow side. This is totally normal for most of us, and it’s more important that you bring awareness to this and make conscious shifts to feel more aligned.

Feeling worthy – how does it actually work?

If you’re consistent/aligned with the energy of the heart centre you’re likely someone who:

  • Feels inherently worthy of your desires and abundance
  • Has a healthy sense of self worth
  • Is driven and ambitious to bring to life your desires
  • Feels little need to prove yourself
  • Recognises that willpower can ebb and flow (and you don’t berate yourself for this)

If you are not living in alignment in your heart centre, you’re likely someone who:

  • Lives with the hustle mentality to prove yourself worthy
  • Chases attention and praise to feel worthy
  • Emphasises external ‘things’ to validate your worthiness
  • Is obsessed with material things
  • Suffers from regular FOMO
  • Is prone to overpromising and underdelivering

How to feel more worthy (whether you’re defined here or not)

If you’re not someone who naturally feels worthy, it can feel unfamiliar to lean into this. It might be that you’ve been conditioned to not accept praise easily (because this might have seemed arrogant), or maybe you were always showered with external gifts as a child and now you have no internal sense of worthiness if it’s not attached to material things.

Some actions you can take if you recognise any of the shadow elements of the heart centre:

  1. Practise accepting (and believing) compliments and praise
  2. Do not overpromise – and even try to extend or adjust – commitments so you are more likely to meet them (and feel more worthy because you achieve them)
  3. Bring awareness to your willpower and drive to take action, and do not force a situation or an action if it does not feel right (especially if you feel you have a sense of obligation around it)
  4. Set (and stick to) healthy boundaries so that you bolster your feeling or self worth (if you don’t respect your own boundaries then no one else will either)

If you have a child with an undefined heart centre, this is one of the most important centres to help them with – in my opinion (as someone who has an undefined heart centre!) The reason I say this is because so many of our ‘grown up’ issues stem from feeling less than worthy – not good enough, not cool enough, not confident enough etc., and if we can learn at a young age that we get to decide our own worth, and that we are worthy enough – just because we are here – then I strongly believe that we would have a much happier and healthier world.

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