How I Used Positive Birth Affirmations for Hypnobirthing

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When my husband and I started our Hypnobirthing course when I was 6 months pregnant with our first baby in 2015, positive affirmations were introduced almost in the first session.

Positive self-talk is the first step towards a positive birth

~ said Jan, our amazing Hypnobirthing instructor. And she was right!

Positive affirmations were nothing new to us – we had both completed various meditation courses, NLP certifications and mindfulness books, so we knew the power of the positive word. But we hadn’t thought they would be such a big part of our pregnancy journey too.

I know for some people, using positive affirmations can seem a bit wishy washy, especially if you’ve never been into using positive quotes before.

It might even feel a little embarrassing, right?

Well all I can say is, give them a try, because you might be pleasantly surprised at how well positive affirmations can work for you as you prepare for the arrival of your baby.

How To Use Positive Affirmations During Your Pregnancy

We gathered some of our favorite pictures of us as a couple and started adding positive quotes to them that meant a lot to us.

(I created them on free photo editing software and printed them at the local print shop – they weren’t the best quality but it didn’t matter).

I then started to stick the pictures around our home, on my mirror, in the car etc. I would just glance at them each day while getting on with other things. It wasn’t necessarily a conscious thing, and that’s fine! Our visual positive affirmations provided a nice opportunity to refocus my mind each day.

If you’re already part of a Hypnobirthing course, either online or in person, then I’m sure positive affirmations will be discussed at some point.

Everyone has their own experiences with them, for some they offer a great relief during the very intense stages of childbirth, while others use them as a sort of chant that they continue to repeat during the actual labor. There is no right or wrong way – just do whatever feels natural and comfortable for you.

Depending on your past experiences and how comfortable you feel, you might even dismiss them as silly or pointless (please don’t!) Or, it might be your partner who thinks it’s a bit hippyish to have these sort of positive affirmations around the house. Well if that’s the case, then my advice is to tell them that this is way you’re doing things, and it’s your body that will bring this baby into the world!

Preparing Your Positive Affirmations

Everyone will have their own way, but the way we did it was:

  • Print out the affirmations on paper
  • Use tape to stick them to areas around your home that you will see a lot – i.e. the bathroom mirror, the mirror where you get dressed/do you your make up, the fridge, the desk in your office etc.
  • Create digital files and have them as a screensaver on your laptop or phone
  • Spend some time with your partner and choose some of your favorite pictures from your life together – put those near the positive affirmations (it could also be anyone else significant or special in your life if you don’t have a partner)
  • If you have audio affirmations have them playing in the car while you’re driving, in ear phones while you’re at the supermarket, and also at night (don’t worry if you fall asleep using them in bed, the message still goes in)

What About Using Positive Affirmations During Childbirth?

Are you chanting positive affirmations all the time?

I wasn’t! I can only speak from my own experience but it was actually my husband who used the positive affirmations during both labours. He just picked a couple of our favorites and kept reminding me of them.

I honestly can’t remember very much but I know I was calm and relaxed which is the main point!

I used the positive affirmations a lot more in the run up to the birth of both of our babies and I guess because I listened and saw them around the house so much, it just became part of my self-talk. I had two very calm labour experiences and I definitely attribute that in part to the positive affirmations I took the time to create and use during my pregnancies.

How To Create Your Own Positive Affirmations

If you want to create your own positive birth affirmations, you could start by making a list of things that you think might be useful to you in your pregnancy and labor. It might be similar to what I’ve mentioned above, or you might have particular things you want to focus on based on your past experiences. There are no rules when it comes to positive birth affirmations, except of course to remain positive with them!

Download Your Own Set Of Positive Birth Affirmations

Lacking time or inspiration to create your own positive birth affirmations?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! I’ve created a huge range of beautiful, empowering positive birth affirmations that you can print and use as you wish in your pregnancy and child birth preparation (you’re welcome!)

I’ve created these for you to hopefully experience just some of the positivity I did when it came to pregnancy and childbirth – both times were really amazing, positive, and calm and I’d be so happy to think that I’ve helped another woman in some way to go through something similar.

I’ve put together a huge set of positive affirmations with beautiful background images that you can print out and place around your home or wherever you think they would be useful. I’ve also added a couple of color options so you’re sure to find one you love.

Grab your free set today!

[convertkit form=2457055]


I hope you enjoy these positive birth affirmations! Please let me know if they helped you!

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