Are You Afraid to Speak Your Truth? What Your Throat Centre on Your Human Design Chart Can Reveal

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Are You Afraid to Speak Your Truth? The throat centre in Human Design

Remember, there is no right or wrong, good or bad in Human Design. What’s more important is shadow vs embodied / aligned. Open/undefined (white) centres show us where we still have lessons to overcome and defined (coloured in) centres show us where we are more likely to be consistent in this energy – IF we have been living in energetic alignment (and so many of us don’t).

The throat centre in your Human Design chart and what it can reveal about you (and your child)

The throat centre is where our communication with the world takes place.

A person with a defined throat is someone who knows their truth and speaks it, without adapting or dimming their voice to appease those around them. They are consistent in their self expression and can recognise when they have value to add to a conversation, and when to remain quiet. If you’re living in alignment here and I were to ask different people in your life, they would likely all describe you in a very similar way because they all experience the same you. Someone with an undefined throat centre might adapt their voice to meet the tone of those around them.

If you’re consistent/aligned with the energy of the throat centre you’re likely someone who:

  • Is consistent in the way you communicate (regardless of situation or people present)
  • Is not afraid to speak the truth, however unpopular or inconvenient
  • Recognises when to speak and when to stay quiet

If you are not living in alignment in your throat centre, you’re likely someone who:

  • Regularly interrupts and talks over others (usually from a fear of being unheard/unseen)
  • Speaks for the sake of it, usually without something valuable or necessary to say
  • Overtalks (to overcompensate)
  • Talks about topics you probably know little about just to be seen/heard
  • Withdraws and becomes unwilling to speak up for yourself

Ouch! As someone with an undefined throat centre, these things hit hard when I realised I was completely in the shadow side. I’m not someone who interrupts or talks over people (in fact I hate that), but I would remain quiet and not say what was on my mind for fear of rejection or embarrassment.

So how can you move from the shadow side to a more consistently aligned throat centre (and help your child to do the same)?

  • Check in with yourself before speaking to ensure your contribution is relevant
  • Practise letting others finish before speaking
  • Practise active listening (nods, ah ha’s etc.) before replying with your own story (be a better listener to be a better speaker)
  • Listen first, speak second

If your child has a defined throat centre and you notice they regularly take over conversations with their friends or constantly talk, even when they don’t have something to add, it can help them if you gently remind them to let others have their say, take turns in sharing stories and help them to practise their active listening skills. You’ll be helping them become a much better friend too!

How parenting using Human Design really helps…

Parenting by honouring your (and your kids’) Human Design is a way to have a completely unique and personalised understanding of ourselves as well as our children. I believe Human Design parenting is what our generation of parents really needs right now (as we navigate our own conditioning as well as aim to raise conscious, connected young people).

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