How to Help Your Child to Feel Seen, Heard, and Loved

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How to Help Your Child to Feel Seen, Heard, and Loved – Did you start your parenting journey being told that kids need certain things in order to be happy (and for you to be a good parent?)

Sure, there are some basics we all need, but in order for kids (and any of us) to really be happy, it comes down to these 3 things…

1. Being SEEN for exactly who they are
2. Being HEARD and respected for what they have to share
3. Being LOVED unconditionally, no matter what

human design parenting tips

Yes, I get it. This sounds basic. And there are those moments where it can be really really hard to fully let them be as they are.
But you know what? This is the perfect opportunity to reflect the mirror back on you as the parent.

Yeah I know that might have hit some of you hard, but it’s true.

Your kid tantrums in the middle of a busy shop and you feel embarrassed? Chances are you were shamed for being loud as a child.

Your kid doesn’t make the sports team and you feel angry? It’s likely you were punished for not meeting expectations when you were younger too.

Your kid is struggling with their schoolwork and you feel agitated? Maybe you were only praised for getting A grades at school and this just became your baseline.

What if your kid was imperfectly perfect just the way they are? What if you are too? (Hint: you are!! 💚)

More than anything right now, our kids need to feel seen, heard and loved just for being them. And so do you.

When we start parenting by design it’s 80% about the parents and 20% about the child.

Why? Because kids arrive in our arms already equipped with what they need to live happy, joyful and present lives. But through our (often unintentional) conditioning, we slowly but surely add layers and layers onto them that do not serve them – high expectations, demands, punishment, shame, comparison, judgement, withdrawal of love and affection, lack of emotional freedom…

Ready to add Human Design to your parenting toolkit?

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Keen to dive deeper?


I work 1:1 with parents to understand their own Human Design as well as their child’s. I offer individual, parent/child and full family sessions. Learn more here.


human design parenting tips

human design parenting tips

human design parenting tips

human design parenting tips

human design parenting tips



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