How Much Does a Human Design Reading Cost?

Human Design Parenting

How much does a Human Design reading cost?


What is a Human Design reading?

A Human Design chart is incredibly revealing and my goal in these sessions is to hold space for you, as you are faced with the real ‘you’ – the unique and incredible person you were designed to be. You may have forgotten your innate beauty, skills, abilities, and desires but I will gently and lovingly guide you to rediscover that beautiful soul that was there all along.

In our 90 minutes together, we will uncover the two main tools we can learn from your Human Design chart: Strategy and Authority.

Knowing your Strategy (and your child’s) will help you to work with your natural life force energy, your preferences for interacting with others, resting / replenishing and engaging with the world.

Your Authority helps you to make decisions in your life in complete energetic alignment. This helps you (and your child) to make confident decisions, trust your innate wisdom and foster your sense of intuition.

Knowing these two things alone can create powerful and positive shifts for you, and your journey through parenting.

Human Design Parent and child readings

The advantage of having a reading that includes your child’s chart is that you can also learn how to better honour their life force energy – which will differ from yours. Understanding your child’s unique design means your relationship can grow into one of mutual respect, love and communication.

It truly is a lifelong gift in your parenting journey and I am honoured to walk with my clients along the path.

How to Book a Human Design Reading

After selecting your preferred date and time on the booking link, I will send you an email to confirm:

  1. Your exact date, time and location (city) of birth.
  2. Any specific questions you’d like me to address.
  3. Payment – an invoice that needs to be paid prior to our session.

*Please allow minimum 72 hours for me to prepare for our reading.

**Don’t see a time that suits? Please message DM via Insta or email and we can sort a new time out.

How much does a Human Design reading cost?

90-minute 1:1 Human Design reading


  • One parent
  • One child
  • Recording provided for you to keep
  • Includes 7 days of post-session Voxer access (because there will be questions!)



  • Two parents
  • Up to 3 children
  • Recording provided for you to keep

Includes 7 days of post-session Voxer access (because there will be questions!)

Learning how to use your Human Design enables your parenting relationship to evolve to a whole new level of deep understanding and love.

Ready to add Human Design to your parenting toolkit?

Start with a Printable Human Design wall chart (for you or your child) and start to learn more about this incredible tool for your life, and parenting journey. See the full range of custom digital HD wall charts, ebooks and bundles here.

Keen to dive deeper?


I work 1:1 with parents to understand their own Human Design as well as their child’s. I offer individual, parent/child and full family sessions. Learn more here.


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