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As I’ve mentioned in other posts, in Human Design terms we are two Generator parents to a Projector (almost 6) and a 3 year old Reflector.

As soon as we discovered Human Design we had so many ah-ha moments for both our girls and their unique characteristics and behaviours.

5 Things We Have Learnt So Far About Parenting a Projector:

human design parenting

1. Input and Insights

She literally lights up when we involve her in decisions. This is something we have just always naturally done to some extent but after learning her Human Design strategy of waiting for an invite, we have really embraced this. She loves giving her insights, opinions and ideas on things around the house, weekend plans, where to arrange things in the home etc. But we do not simply do as she says all the time either, as this would not be setting her up for reality when she’s older! But we do help her understand why we might not always agree on certain things and why, if she offers her opinions on things before being asked, not everyone might take her input on board (however logical it seems to her).

2. Restaurant Critic

We have lovingly called her a restaurant critic from around aged 2 due to her specific requirements around how toast is cut, which plate food is served on, the texture of soup etc. (like most toddlers I think!) But the understanding that Projectors have unique insights into how things ought to be has enabled us to see her for what she offers and try not to get too frustrated when things are not to her liking (we are not perfect at the end of the day!)

3. Focussed Energy

A Projector’s energy is usually very focussed, and this is one of their super powers. We have always seen her persist with things from a young age (i.e. how to build blocks without them falling over as a baby to more recently how to ride a bike unaided) and this heightened sense of focus and persistence is amazing to watch and encourage as much as we can (as both mum and dad are Generators we have a tendency to get things done in different ways, so it is teaching us to look at our kids in a completely new light).

4. Time with Others

As a 5/2 Projector she also thrives on time with others, to the point of often getting to a park or playground and running off to find a group of friends to play with. While this might be out of many parents’ comfort zone, we are learning to accept and encourage this in a safe way because we are learning how this is part of her design, to learn about herself through others. It’s also magnetic and she has always drawn people to her wherever we have been with her nature to truly see others.

5. Bitterness

The not-self theme for Projectors is bitterness. While we have not experienced much of this, we have seen certain instances where this can show up in a 5 year old’s world – little sister beats her at a scooter race or someone takes the last lolly – and she reacts in her own way. We are thankful to know this ahead of time and will do our best to help her manage the tough feelings as she develops. . Human Design has given us so much insight and we are on a continuous learning journey with our little humans (as well as discovering how our own design impacts and interacts with theirs). I think this is the beauty of understanding all the charts in a family unit, because once you know one chart, you want to know everyone’s!

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