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Human Design energy centres: The Sacral centre

I love deep diving into the energy centres because this is really where the nuances of each individual comes into play; it’s the definition of these centres that really start to show us how we can operate more in alignment and fully lean into our gifts. As a parent, understanding more about the energy centres of our children can give us completely new insights and understanding fo them.

This one is a personal favourite of mine as it’s not only a defined centres for me but also my authority – the sacral centre…

The Sacral Centre

Someone with a defined sacral can light a room up as soon as they enter it; it doesn’t mean that they are necessarily loud or the life and soul of a party, but it does mean that whatever lights them up, is likely to be contagious to those around them. Watch a defined sacral person, deep in their joy and you will see pure happiness – and you usually can’t help but get drawn in. It is this magnetism that is so alluring to others, even if they can’t fully explain or understand it. It’s energy.

If you’re a generator, you have a defined sacral, although depending on if you have a defined solar plexus or not, your sacral might not be your leading authority. I’m a sacral generator and this has been one of the most fascinating parts of my own Human Design experiment to learn about.

The sacral centre is also one of 4 motor centres in the Human Design system (the others are the root, heart and solar plexus). A motor centre has strong energy and forces that propel us to take action towards something, so if you have a defined motor centre, it’s really important to recognise this gift you have.

But, as I always say, just because a centre is defined does not mean that you are necessarily living in full alignment. Through conditioning and life experience, it’s possible that you have veered off into the shadow side. This is totally normal for most of us, and it’s more important that you bring awareness to this and make conscious shifts to feel more aligned.

If you’re consistent/aligned with the energy of the sacral centre you’re likely someone who:

  • Knows naturally when and what to focus on
  • Lights up others with your lust for life and pure joy
  • Magnetises others towards you
  • Knows when to exercise energy and when to recharge
  • Has a healthy relationship to food, exercise and all-round wellbeing

If you are not living in alignment in your sacral centre, you’re likely someone who:

  • Overworks, hustles, pushes through
  • Must finish at all costs (even health and well-being)
  • Displays a victim/martyr mentality around work and fatigue
  • Punishes / blames / resents / judges others when they rest, or do not seem to go ‘all in’ like you do
  • Has unhealthy food habits and is inconsistent with exercise
  • Seeks recognition based on work effort

How can you move from the shadow to a more aligned energy exchange in the sacral centre (whether defined or undefined here)?

  1. Get very clear on your own energetic boundaries and stick to them (this might seem very unfamiliar for a people pleaser)
  2. Ruthlessly eliminate things that do not bring pure joy
  3. Start to notice things that you become curious/joyful about and do more of them (even if it makes no sense)
  4. Do not feel pressured into ‘doing’ as much (especially if you are undefined here)
  5. Identify what charges you up vs what drains your energy – remove anything draining as much as possible
  6. Acknowledge if you are doing things just for the reward/praise and decide if you actually want to do them anymore
  7. Move your body frequently and go to bed having drained your energy to ensure optimum sleep (especially important if you are defined here)

Can I let you in on a little secret? When I go through a client’s energy centres in a reading, it’s often a point of deep awareness, sadness or even frustration because it’s at this point they often realise they haven’t been living in a way that feels right for them. This can be confronting for many of us. But with awareness comes a great opportunity to change things up. And I’m here to help you do just that.

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