Parenting by Human Design Tips – Help Your Child (+ Yourself) With These Two Things

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Parenting by Human Design Tips – Help Your Child (+ Yourself) With These Two Things – I’m going to loop right back to the beginning with parenting and Human Design this week, because A) you might be new here, B) even if you’ve been into HD for a while it’s always good to revisit the basics and C) without the first couple of foundational steps, knowing the rest of the stuff in your charts will not really serve you.
Step 1 – Locate your Human Design charts

These are some of my favourite places to pull Human Design charts from when working with clients. They are all free and all offer basically the same information, just delivered in different ways. During a reading I dip into each of them for completely different purposes or to highlight something for a client.

My BodyGraph from Jovian Archive will show your chart like this:

My Human Design (Jenna Zoe) will display it like this:

Genetic Matrix will display it like this:

(I have no affiliation with any of these sources, other than as a user myself. Try them out and see which you like, they all have free options for pulling your charts).

Step 2 – Look for your strategy and authority

You will be shown on your chart your strategy and authority.

Strategy – this is how we react, respond and interact with others and the world (this might be ‘To respond’ or ‘To inform’ and is based on your energy ‘type’ (i.e. manifestor, generator, projector etc.)

Authority – this is your inner authority or body intelligence and is a way for you to make the correct decisions in life (this might be ‘Sacral’ or ‘Solar Plexus’ or ‘Splenic’ etc.)

Step 3 – Journal or think about your strategy and authority

Finally, I just want you to take a moment with your chart in front of you and ponder on your strategy and authority. It’s ok if it doesn’t mean much to you right now, or if it feels very far removed from how you have been operating in the world until this point.

This is normal when most people find Human Design and start to look back at things they have done or not done and wondered if they could have done things differently. Just explore with self love and start to question if you can bring back to your body intelligence any decisions you make from now on. For example, if you’re a projector (strategy ‘wait for the invite’) and you have been hustling, pushing, forcing things instead of letting things come to you with more ease, what steps can you take to do more of this in your life?

Tip: When you see your ‘not self theme’ in your chart you’ll notice the resulting feeling of what happens when you do not make energetically correct decisions. For example, I am a sacral generator with the strategy ‘to respond’. But if I am not responding to or following things that light me up or I do things out of obligation, I end up being frustrated (my not self theme).

These things might initially seem small and insignificant. I promise you they are not. They’re actually life changing when you let them be.

And when you live according to your design strategy and authority you’re also teaching (by showing) your kids how to as well.

Ready to add Human Design to your parenting toolkit?

Start with a Printable Human Design wall chart (for you or your child) and start to learn more about this incredible tool for your life, and parenting journey. See the full range of custom digital HD wall charts, ebooks and bundles here.

Keen to dive deeper?


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