Parenting by Your Child’s Human Design Type

Human Design Parenting

Parenting by your child’s Human Design type

I get it. It can seem a bit overwhelming learning about Human Design, with all the crazy looking charts, shapes and colours. But honestly, it can really be so simple to start making small, but impactful changes in your parenting journey. It does not have to be hard, and it doesn’t take much to start to notice small changes here and there.

Let’s begin…

#1 – Get familiar with your chart, your child’s chart and any co-parent or significant caregiver’s chart

Parenting by design is not about having your child’s chart only and trying to figure out what it all means. In fact, I tell my clients in our 1:1 Human Design sessions together that really, their child’s chart is only about 20% of the story. It’s their chart as the parent, or significant caregiver that we need to really look at.


Because a child is much less conditioned so far in their life than the adult – so we need to look at you as the parent and understand your behaviour patterns, tendencies, responses and triggers based on your energy chart.

[Grab your free charts herehere or here]

Then we can start to dip into the other two main areas I recommend when getting started with human design…


parenting by design

#2 – Learn some of the main traits of your family’s energy type

Energy type is one of the first things we look at in the human design chart because it offers so much up front insight. It’s really only the first of many layers, but it’s an important one. I’ve put together some tips for raising a child according to their energy type to help get you started: ProjectorsGeneratorsReflectorsManifestors, Manifesting generators.

Once you have some basic idea of their energy type it starts to get even more interesting…


defined ajna human design energy centres

#3 – Exploring your strategy and authority

Again, ignoring some of the strange language here but your human design chart will show you your strategy and authority (as well as the not-self theme, which comes up when we are not living in our strategy). For you as the parent, it is vital that you recognise and become super familiar with your own strategy (i.e. to respond / initiate / wait for the invite / wait a lunar cycle etc.) and how this plays out for you.

Your child’s authority (whether it’s the same or differs) will play out in different ways so start to notice this in yourself, and them.

Authority is all about how we make decisions that are energetically correct for us – whether that’s for example a sacral (gut) response or an emotional wave (solar plexus) response. Your chart will tell you what this is and when you start to tune into your body wisdom around decisions it becomes clearer for you when you are making the right decision for yourself. Only when you do this yourself can you start to help your kiddo (otherwise it’s like teaching them to play a guitar when you’ve never picked one up yourself).

When I work with parents on their family’s human design journey, it is these starting points that offer the most transformation in their parenting. And honestly, these elements alone can be so vital in seeing our children in a whole new way (and ourselves) that anything else that human design offers (and there is a whole lot more!) become beautiful added extras 🙂

Over to you now, parent!

I’m curious to know if you’ve started to delve into the world of human design parenting yet and what changes you’ve made or insights you’ve gained so far. Comment below, I can’t wait to hear from you!


Ready to add Human Design to your parenting toolkit?

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Keen to dive deeper?


I work 1:1 with parents to understand their own Human Design as well as their child’s. I offer individual, parent/child and full family sessions. Learn more here.


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