Two Reasons I Don’t Talk to My Kids About Their Human Design

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Two Reasons I Don’t Talk to My Kids About Their Human Design 

Reason #1

My eldest daughter (6 years old) loves coming into my office, where I’ve got all of our family human design charts displayed. She loves looking at them, asking questions about all the different colours, lines and shapes on them. When I tell her it’s a chart about her, she looks puzzled. I’ve gently asked (because I’m curious to hear it in her words), things like “How does it feel in your body when you’re trying to make a decision?” or “Does it feel better waiting to see how you feel about this later on?” (as an emotional projector she needs to ride out the wave before making a final conclusion about something.

Her response?

It’s either nothing, ‘huh?’ or she just changes the subject.

Why? Because it’s so natural to her to be like that, to be living in her design, that she doesn’t yet comprehend that there is any other way to live. And I’m so pleased! I hope this can long continue!

Reason #2

In many of my Human Design family readings recently, I’ve heard parents relate what their kids have told them when asked various things like to tidy up, have a shower, help with chores etc…

“I’m just too tired.”

“I don’t want to do that.”

“It’s boring.”

Now I know this might come across as a little ‘permissive’ but bear with me here – while these responses are not what we want to hear when we make simple and reasonable requests of our kids, we can’t really fault them for speaking their truth and living by their absolute design.

And this is why if I tried to talk to my kids about their design, they would – for the most part – be oblivious to it and just wonder what I was talking about.

I believe that as kids get older, probably around the pre-teen years, is when we can start to really explore this with them because they will be more open to seeing themselves in relation to others and more aware of themselves.

For these two reasons I don’t really talk about Human Design with my kids – although I will as time goes on if they’re open to it of course!

So, how do you use Human Design in parenting?

You let your kids be themselves and you learn to honour them just as they are. In the meantime, you look at your own design and work out ways where you have not been living true to yourself and start from there. I’ve mentioned this before, but I firmly believe to parent this way is 80% about you as the parent and 20% about the child (having the basic knowledge about your child’s strategy and authority to begin with but not much else needed at this stage).

Ready to dive deeper?

Ready to add Human Design to your parenting toolkit?

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